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Meetings. Events. Workshops.

Book a space for your coaching or therapy session, a room to co-create, to celebrate a product-book-other launch or anything in between...
  • choose from 5 unique spaces
  • book rooms for 2-18 people
  • easy to book + free cancellation 24hrs in advance
meeting, workshop, event space

1e verdieping | 1st floor

Bright. Home-y. Spacious. For private events. Meetings. Workshops.

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meeting, workshop, event space

2 achter | 2nd floor, white

The calmest. We like to call it our 'focus' favourite!

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meeting, workshop, event space

2 voor | 2nd floor, green

Bright. Spacious. Meeting room set up & casual seating in one space.

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meeting, workshop, event space

BG | Ground floor

Bright. Multi-functional. Great for coaching and therapy meetings or creative sessions.

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meeting, workshop, event space

Souterrain | Basement

The perfect space for uninterrupted meetings, training sessions and workshops.

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Our spaces...

Fully equipped spaces
All meeting rooms are equipped with a flipchart, markers, post-its and pens. A projector can be arranged for most spaces. We’re happy to discuss a special set up of the room to fit your purposes.
Food & drink with impact
We provide unlimited coffee from Koffiejongens (and the ‘koffie prut’ is donated to regenerate soil) and tea by Pukka. Our oat milks are from the social enterprise Minor Figures or Oatly. 

We can provide sweet or savory snacks, lunch, dinner and end-of-the-day drinks. To support our neighbours, we collaborate with catering partners from the area. If you have a suggestion about a specific food or drink, let us know.
Easy to book. Free cancellation up to 24 hours
Planning to rent rooms regularly? Become a KW9 member for 90 euros a year and get a ‘strippenkaart’ for discounted rates. See all strippenkaart options here

Want to try our space? Be our guest. All rooms can be booked at full price, per hour. See all prices here.
Community membership
Want to work from our shared space and connect with our community of entrepreneurs, innovators and corporate changemakers? Explore membership options.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Hellen Keller
American deafblind author and lecturer