A space to meet, connect and create

KW9 is the physical expression of our purpose. The Collective the experiential one.

A space. An experience.

Hello! I am Esther. The owner of KW9 and founder of the Collective. It’s my personal purpose to help individuals - and businesses - grow. I do this by creating a space, physical and experiential, for both work, creation and connection. 

KW9 is the physical space to meet, connect and create. We believe a good work or meeting space doesn’t need a complex or ultra-modern solution. Space at KW9 is about reality, humans and perspective. Sometimes, revisiting old ideas with fresh eyes can be sufficient to shift paradigms.

The Collective is a community focused on nurturing growth. How do we nurture growth? Let’s turn to nature for a bit. Because growth starts with rich soil. The collective aims to be your nurturing soil for growth. The space for you to ground and grow roots deep, so that you can develop and blossom as you (yes, you!). Our community is an experience. An experience of togetherness, co-creation, realisation, dreaming, playfulness - and kindness.

Journeys of growth. Then. And now.

KW9 was built in 1878 and the first users of the building were the English with the Lloyd’s Registry for Shipping. When we think of shipping and the late 18th century we think of journeys. And that beautifully connects to what we aim to create here today. Journeys of discovery. Journeys of growth.

Read the full history of our building on the blog.

Local partners. Making impact, together.

Our coffee comes from de Koffiejongens (the coffeeboys). Why? Because their cups are biodegradable. And, their flavours, the best! Tasty coffee that's friendly for the environment.

Our teas are from Pukka. Their herbal creations are crafted to connect people to the beauty and power of nature. They campaign for a healthier world. In other words, another brand we admire and enjoy partnering with.

Art(ists) on our walls.

Our walls are never empty. Not just because we love art. Because we love giving local - and international - artists a space to show their work.

Creativity. Imagination. Craft. Without them our world would be less colourful.

Head to our blog to read interviews with some of artists we collaborate with.


team member & operations support
Good vibes. Entrepreneurial. Creative. Jakub is our host and jack of all trades at KW9 - here to make your experience a memorable one. More about Jakub.


team member & host
Kind. Calm. Optimistic. Fardau is one of our KW9 general team members & hosts.

Do you...

want to join us?
We're always on open to a conversation with other humans that have bright ideas for our space.

"KW9 is mijn favoriete plek om workshops te geven! Fijne, warme ontvangst door mensen die meedenken. KW9 is zeer goed bereikbaar. Parkeren aan de overkant en het treinstation op 5 min. loopafstand."

"KW9 is voor mij echt dé plek om te coachen. De sfeer in het prachtige, lichte, mooi ingerichte pand en Esther's vrolijkheid en gastvrijheid maken dat mijn cliënten zich direct vanaf het kennismakingsgesprek thuis voelen. Voor mij betekent coachen bij KW9 meerwaarde bieden aan mijn klanten en zelf genieten elke keer dat ik er coach."

"For me, hosting my coaching sessions at KW9 creates added value for my clients. And, I enjoy the space and its vibe each time I work from there."

“KW9 is voor mij als een tweede thuis. Ik kom er met veel plezier en voel me welkom. De ruimtes zijn mooi ingericht, de sfeer is fijn.”

Coach & founder at Puur Ontwikkelen

“Ieder gesprek bij KW9 is een cadeau aan jezelf - en aan je cliënt. Het huis ademt een sfeer van potentie en lichtheid. KW9 zet je aan tot denken, over al wat mogelijk is en welke van je mooie dromen het najagen waard zijn!” 

"KW9 is voor ons de perfecte plek om te overleggen en klanten te kunnen ontvangen. Naast de fantastische locatie zorgen de prettige sfeer en de uitstekende faciliteiten ervoor dat wijzelf en onze klanten zich zeer welkom voelen. Daarnaast bieden de open ruimtes voldoende mogelijkheid voor sociaal contact met andere ondernemers!"

Entrepreneurs in de muziekwereld

“Esther zorgt ervoor dat mensen zich durven te openen door hen thuis te laten voelen. Dat doet wat mensen.”

KW9 member
Therapist & Coach

Stories from our community about growth, connection and creation

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