a space. An experience.

Why join a community?

For a space to work? To network? To grow? The collective at KW9 is all these things and more. The collective exists to nurture growth, on individual and business level. Beyond a work and event space, the collective is an experience. An experience of togetherness, co-creation, play, dreams, reality - and above all, kindness. 

the collective at KW9

Joining the collective at KW9 gets you...

a space to work
A space to work at the historic KW9, in the heart of Amsterdam. From bright spaces to work, focus areas to get things done or rooms to co-create. There’s of course regular meeting rooms, phone booths - and, fast wifi.
The collective is about inspiration. Inspiration from the space itself, the humans you meet here and the events you join.
Needless to say, becoming part of a community, means community. Aren’t the people why you truly join a network? Enjoy being surrounded by likeminded humans and participate in experiences to nurture your growth.
impactful food & drink
Unlimited coffee from Koffiejongens (and the coffee ground is donated to regenerate soil) and endless tea by Pukka or Yogi. Our oat milks are from the social enterprise Minor Figures or Oatly. Yum, right?!

Membership options

Explore our membership options and choose the one that's right for you.

KW9 space membership

Great if you regularly want to rent a private meeting place for a coaching session or 1-on-1 meetings.
Per Member
Per year
Easy online meeting room reservations | Mon-Fri, between 9am-7pm
Member pricing for space rental at 27 euro/hr (non-members pay 35 euro/hr)
Access to all 'strippenkaart' packages, with meeting room rates from 16,50 euro/hour
Fully equipped rooms
Unlimited coffee & tea
Become a KW9 member

the Collective at KW9 membership

The right choice for individuals looking for growth. A flexible workspace. And a place to meet.
Per member
Per Month
Flexible workspace between 8am-7pm for 2 days a week
Credits for 4 hours of meeting room usage
20% discount on additional meeting room reservations
Access to all members-only events and experiences
Unlimited coffee, tea & fruit

Day pass at KW9

Curious to explore KW9?  In Amsterdam for the day? We offer a day pass for those who want to work in the co-working area at KW9 for one day.
Per User
Per day
Flexible workspace for a day
Unlimited coffee, tea and fruit
Fast internet
A vibrant community
The best view in Amsterdam...
EMAIL FOR A day pass

Spaces can nurture real connections. To yourself. And each other.

"An extraordinary set of circumstances along with contemporary technology has developed a new normal that sets us free from traditional office spaces. It has opened the doors for working from home or anywhere else on the planet. Nonetheless, we have not lost our need for real connections, conversations, and human contact. That’s why physical spaces to meet and work will continue to be so necessary.”
Rohan Silva, co-founder of Second Home